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Bulk Messaging Solution for Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Societies, Airlines, Tourism, Banks/Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Many more.
Send Bulk SMS or text from your PC to Mobile anytime and anywhere in the world. Using our website interface, you can schedule the time that you want your messages to reach your clients. If you are sending a single message to about a 1000 people, each person can receive the message with his own name.

SMSCENTRE helps Companies with their Marketing and Advertising Campaigns by providing them with targeted advertising. Smscentre has access to a database of all mobile phone users in Nigeria. We thus offer our client the opportunity of reaching the right people.



Sender ID Branding
Using the Sender ID Branding feature means that there is inevitably more space for text in the body of the message. Since you do not have to include the message sender in the body text, this leaves more room for the important content. This is what will be shown in the TO field when the message is delivered to a mobile phone. E.g. I.C.G.C., BBC, VOA, Makola, etc.

Custom Built SMS Solutions